What is my Why?

I like giving. It feels so rewarding and makes me truly happy. I believe the world would be a better place if we would share the insights and knowledge we all obtain during our journey called life. I therefore decided that I needed to give the right example myself, resulting in this very blog that you have currently open in your browser window.

Who is Agne?

I am proud Lithuanian who was raised in a small town called Taurage. While growing up I always felt that place was too small for me, so I couldn’t wait to start my bachelor studies in the capital city Vilnius. Two years there were great but soon I started to wonder about other places. Since at that time I have already visited many European countries, I decided to go to South Korea for two exchange semesters. My mum was joking that I chose the furthest place from Lithuania because we had 8 hours time difference.

My next step was the least exotic one – master studies in The Netherlands. However, this tiny and flat country kept me there for a while. I had the privilege to work for two great corporate organizations, namely Philips and Maersk. If you are interested to learn more about my professional background in detail, please visit my Linkedin page.

I was climbing the ranks on the career ladder quite successfully and pretty fast. This was probably the main reason why I decided to take a step back and create a short break. I left my job at Maersk to pursue volunteering in rural Uganda. This is how Nainyte.com blog was born!

Nainyte.com blog

I started to write blog posts sharing my volunteering experiences from Uganda. I wanted to pass on my feelings and emotions to my friends and family directly from the field at the exact moment when they happened. I started to record videos, took lots of pictures and interviewed some of the beautiful people I met while I was there. It served as a great digital diary, not in the least for myself.

So onto my blog! I aim to write at least 2 blog posts per month on a topic of interest for myself and hopefully also for you. Please, don’t hesitate to let me know your opinion on my writing! Let’s discuss what you think, how you feel, your experiences in the comment section of my posts.

What type of content can you expect?

Definitely some LEAN stuff! This is how I was grown up by Philips and it’s not going to disappear. I love LEAN so much! Why? Because whatever I read these days, I mean those new books or concepts, they are all basically the same what LEAN embodies. Often simply paraphrased in different words. It’s just so relevant in your professional or personal life, wherever you are.

Definitely some volunteering or poverty related content. What I have experienced in Uganda is not going to disappear! My drive to help others and especially those who are in the highest need, will remain. My own stories or guest posts will pop up from time to time.

Definitely some travel stories and I mean real travel. I am not a big fan of long beach holidays, they make me more tired, so all my trips are a bit exotic and different. There are so many cool stories to share. Traveling is my favorite form of education!

And definitely some general business shots. Ranging from how to transform your business, use fancy technology advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and machine learning to mindfulness. Let’s see what else comes along the way. I just leave this category pretty open 😉

Who are you?

I feel there is a certain type of reader who should enjoy and benefit reading my blog posts the most. It’s a person who is driven and eager to learn new things and continuously seeks to improve themselves and their surrounding environment. He or she cares what is happening in the world, not only around your closest corner. Whether its human impact towards the environment or care for people living in poverty. Eventually you are an open-minded personality willing to get to know new cultures, accept different views and want to make at least a small positive change in the world.

If you feel you are someone as described above, it’s my big pleasure to meet you. Just drop me a line in the Contact form introducing yourself, telling me your interests and let’s start our online friendship.