Meet Sumin.

Meet Sumin. She is a woman full of energy, emotions and charisma. Even though she is not a chairperson of “Kasana Mothers Creation” group, she is the true leader for me. Sumin is always the most active, motivating and inspiring in the group. She truly believes in the women group and is very proud what they have already achieved with recycled paper bracelets. Sumin is the one who made cry during my first week in Uganda. 

I was actually a bit surprised when I visited her house. I was somehow assuming that her living conditions would be better. I guess because, in my eyes, Sumin is the most active and entrepreneurial of the group. The truth is different and her house is even smaller than Josephine’s.

I invite you to watch the video and see it for yourself. Sumin will also introduce you to what her day looks like.

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