Dear millennial, RELAX!

We all want to be cool kids. Smart, fashionable, popular, well-educated and travelled with fascinating stories. Each of us has their own idea of what type of superhero they want to be. You most likely too. A superhero that makes his or her parents, friends, managers and themselves proud.

The good news is that it’s a lot easier to be one of those heroes today. Why, you ask? Well, nowadays you can sculpt your own destiny with the plethora of knowledge and tools widely available on the world wide web. This access has made it a lot easier for you to master your skills of choice. Also, social media is full of heroes, which you can follow to get inspiration from and guidance on your journey towards creating your super powers.

Speeding Car
WE had enough of More, Better and Faster.

There’s also flip side to this medal. The digital shiny world puts high standards on all of us. We all want that next cool thing; it’s either a fancy title, a toy to play with or cool looks. It either is for the never-ending hunt for ‘Likes’ or aiming to be too much like our digital role models.

We want more, better and faster. What we have here today is not good enough tomorrow. That next big thing that should make you happy, doesn’t do so in reality. Quite the contrary. Due to this constant chase for more, we become less and less happy.

Maybe it’s about the time to take a break, reflect and enjoy what you have here and now? This little pause might help you find a bit more inner peace and happiness. I prepared a few additional tips which hopefully convince you that the time is right to RELAX.

You don’t need to be a star to be happy

We are shocked when we hear stories such as Swedish music prodigy Avicii taking his own life while being at the peak of his successful career. We feel disbelief and cannot grasp how and why such a thing could happen. Over the years, we have seen many similar examples which clearly pin-point that being famous, succesful or rich won’t necessarily bring you happiness.

While most of us are not thinking about becoming a globally known electronic music prodigy, we chase other stars. How about becoming the head of a department, business executive or founder of a cool start-up? We look up to those people, thinking that it must be so cool to be in their shoes.

But is it really? Are you sure you are seeing the full picture? Most of the celebrities and corporate stars only show us the positive side of their story. Nice car, great title, neat suit, happy family picture on the table and cool friends. Life through a filter. You can easily see the shiny outside, but the inside usually remains hidden. They would say “that’s not your business”.

Locked wooden door
Success stories often only show the beautiful outside.

And when we get a sneak peak into the “inside of the house”, it’s often not that impressive. Constant stress leading to health problems, broken families, hard relationships with kids, fake friends to enjoy mutual benefits, the list goes on. Do you really want that too?

Of course, we always have some unicorns, but they usually live in myths. In real life the happiest characters are those living on the ground – a simple life. They usually live long and happy, in their own shadow.

Find joy in simple things

It is amazing how many things we take for granted. Healthcare, pension, job, monthly salary, bank card, electricity, even semi reliable public transport. Imagine a moment where these things are just not around anymore. It sounds like a big mess, even hard to imagine.

The truth is that so many people are born into this mess without choice. Even though it’s a mess, many of them live happy. Some could even argue that they are happier than in the “organized” part of the world. It sounds almost crazy, how could it be?

Happy Ugandan youth after a football match.

Wealthy people are not rich people! They find joy in their daily life. Isn’t it great that you have a job with a stable income? Isn’t it great that you have tap water which you can drink? There are so many great things around you, which you probably never thought of. Even the rainy autumn days! They are great, because it waters our farming lands and provides delicious food.

There are thousand of things around you which show you how wealthy you really are. You just need to look around with a fresh perspective and you too will see those treasures.

Get comfortable with yourself – you are the best

Who is your biggest competitor? Of course it’s you. Each of us have something we would like to change and wish to do differently. It’s either that we are too tall, too short, too blond, too dark or …the list goes on.

We all have our own little problems, even the most confident looking people in the world. A problem with those problems is that WE create them by ourselves. Our constant criticism is devastating our core self-esteem. And this is a problem.

I believe that every human being is beautiful the way they are born. Each of us are like Pokemon characters with our own unique strengths. Often we are even not aware of how much potential we have inside of us. We need to dig up those treasures.

Each of us is a unique Pokemon character with own unique super powers.

The world is moving so fast that we don’t have time to focus on our weaknesses. We rather enhance our strengths, find other Pokemons to unite with and achieve great things, together.

So, roll up your sleeves and let’s remove the ugly weeds from your beautiful garden. Take out those problems that live inside your head and love yourself the way you are. Nobody is perfect, but everyone is beautiful, in their own unique way. Perfect doesn’t exist.

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