Time for a mental diet? ONE thing at the time.

Who of you are thinking “Oh, today I only need to do ONE thing.” If you are this person, then I am truly proud of you. Unfortunately, more likely your fall in the category of busy people with lots of things going on and tasks to fulfil.

Constant notifications from your mailbox, phone and even from your wrists. Always connected with the entire world, each and every minute of the day. This connectivity brings a lot of advantages, but as is often the case, there are quite as many downsides as well. I think we have a “big elephant in the room”. The so called “SO many..” syndrome. SO many:

  • Things to do
  • Information to read
  • Problems or issues to tackle
  • Meetings or people to see

The worst things about this “SO many..” syndrome is that it follows us each and every day. We are simply not able to run away from it. What makes matters worse is that it seems to become the new normal when it comes to being available in the Western world. It becomes more and more difficult to escape from it, the ability to disconnect and focus on the present moment.

But what can we do to realistically? I believe our productivity and personal happiness would be highly increased if we would apply a formula known as “Today = 1”.

How does “Today = 1” work?

Firstly, you need to understand and believe that there is a problem with doing too many things at the same time. If you are struggling with a task at hand or think it’s irrelevant for you, I would still suggest to execute a short test.

List all your objectives or goals that you have in your personal or professional life. Then note down what you have done to achieve them, combined with actual results. I would insist that results are quantified rather than described in a qualitative way.

If you are happy with the results, then you either are a productivity rock star or simply not ambitious enough. This could also mean that you have more potential and your goals could be more ambitious.

If you are not happy with your test results, then you should continue reading this article. You might say that you don’t have enough TIME to achieve all your objectives. This might hold true if you have the “So many..” syndrome.

What are the symptoms of the “SO many..” syndrome? A person has so many objectives to achieve and tries to do so many things, day in and out. However, this constant battle to do so many things will only lead to average results instead of achieving the desired maximum.

Treatment of this syndrome is not so complicated, if you are a disciplined person. This means that you need to FOCUS on only ONE thing at a time. Sounds simple in theory, yet not so easy to execute in practice.

What do you need to do next?

You are going to read only ONE book at a time and don’t start another one until you finish the first. Today you are going to do only ONE task; the most important task, which will make you shine at work. This week you will meet only ONE person after work, whom is the most important person in your life and you will dedicate your full attention to that person. You are going to pursue only one hobby or passion and put all your effort in it.

That ONE thing at the time can work wonders. That ONE will remove the buzz from your life which constantly swirls you into an overload of choices you need to make every month, week, day, hour and minute. Believe me, this will boost your productivity and even personal happiness. You don’t need to do all these things to be successful and happy. Learn to say NO. Do it once, then repeat and after a while it will become a habit. You will be surprised that people surrounded by you will get used to it and even respect you more. In the end you will achieve better results.

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